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Step Back is a crime drama short film that follows the unique and inspirational story of 16 year old Marcus, played by Xavien Russell (Top Boy 1& 2), who is caught up in gang culture and goes through a spate of making the wrong choices, which lead to him being fatally stabbed in prison! However, instead of dying, he wakes up in his bedroom one year earlier!

There are key messages and themes within this film and it is hoped that Step Back can be used as a resource to educate young people and adults on the dangers of knife crime, but to also demonstrate the importance of stepping back in all situations before making choices.

This film contains flickering or flashing lights that may affect those with photosensitive epilepsy

Directed by: Richard Kattah - @richardkattah
Written by: Temi Yussuf - @temedaio_
Story by: Leo Powell - @leopowell
Producer: Leo Powell - @leopowell
Co-Producer: Richard Kattah - @richardkattah
Executive Producer: Leo Powell – @leopowell
Director of Photography: Samuel Perry-Falvey - @samuelperryfalvey
Edited by: Keeva Holder - @keeva_holder
1 st AD: Juslin Makanga - @kingjuslin
Production Managers: Gabrielle Dadzie - @gabrielle.louise_ & Caro Ohemaa - @caro.ohemaa
Sound Editor/Sound Designer: Chen Wissotzky
Score by: Chen Wissotzky
Production team:
Little Drops Production - @littledropsproduction
Xavien Russell - @xavienrussell0
Angie Le Mar - @angielemar
Vanessa Sam - @inspiringvanessa
Ange-Marcel - @angemarcelkassi
SWRVE by ThatBlackYout - @thatblackyout
Aiight Boom by Guvna B - @guvnab
Sweet Dreams by Ebony Frainteso - @ebonyfrainteso_
Intro by C Murray - @cmurraylive

Step Back Soundtrack is available for you to listen to and download on Spotify, search “Step
Back Soundtrack”

Thank you to Escape the Hood for providing clothing - @escapethehood

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