How Quentin Tarantino Makes Violence So Much Fun — Sound Design for Film

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What is Sound Design for Film? ►►

00:00 Intro — Tarantino's Use of Sound & Violence
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Quentin Tarantino has been dealing in film violence for decades. Tarantino’s cinematic violence can be equally brutal and entertaining. But how is he able to shift between these two modes so easily without completely disrupting the tone of the film? The secret lies in his film sound design. When considering sound design for film, we quickly realize just how powerful it can be in shaping our experience.

In films like Django Unchained and Kill Bill, Quentin Tarantino shows us how by simply altering the sound design, scenes of violence can be perceived differently. In this video essay, we’re going to look at how Foley and sound effects are used to create either cathartic and fun violence or disturbing and gritty violence.

In Kill Bill, when The Bride battles Gogo, the general sound design is playful and borderline cartoonish. As Gogo smashes through a table, we hear sound fx of bowling pins being knocked down — this echo of Looney Tunes sound design softens the violence. In Django Unchained, when Broomhilda is being whipped, the cinematic sound design is dramatic and vicious. Two different scenes of violence guided in two directions by film sound design.

Filmmaking is often prioritized with the visuals but directors like Quentin Tarantino understand the power of sound design. We experience movies with our eyes and our ears. When you conceptualize your next project, remember the role of film sound design in your storytelling.

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